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The purpose of the AMTC is to help to shape trade policies in a more MSME friendly manner. The AMTC aims at cooperating proactively with governments, regional and international organisations by providing them with policy papers, background information coming from MSME, by having MSME to attend and speak a to officials workshops and other events.  

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The Asia Pacific MSME Trade Coalition (AMTC): The Voice of MSME in Asia

MSME serve as potential engines for economic growth and trade in Asia. They account for 96% of all enterprises and employ 62% of the labour workforce (Asian Development Bank, 2015). For instance, there are over 188,000 MSME in Singapore, 650,000 MSME in Malaysia and over 50 million MSME in larger economies such as India and China.
These enterprises have a great influence on trade in the region. Nevertheless, MSMEs face several challenges in Asia which include the lack of resources, such as finance, technology, skilled labour, market access and information, and the lack of networks, resulting in them not possessing the know-how and information. In addition, they are not able to effectively compete with large scale corporations and firms in the region. Some small businesses are geographically isolated and their products and services are unable to penetrate more markets and segments.

Our Board

The AMTC board is currently headed by Pro-Tem Chairman Jerry Ho. Election to the board is open to all MSME participating in the coalition. Here for more.

Director of the Asian Trade Centre Foundation, Dr Deborah Elms, with Jane-Melville Allen, CEO of Demand Generator Group from New Zealand at RCEP 19th Round India

Director of the Asian Trade Centre Foundation, Dr Deborah Elms, with Jane-Melville Allen, CEO of Demand Generator Group from New Zealand at RCEP 19th Round India

Concept and Strategy:

“To build the only Asian platform for MSMEs to connect to governments officials at local, regional and international levels”

As the voice of MSMEs in Asia, the AMTC is committed to facilitating the trade of goods and services by MSMEs in the Asian region. The AMTC also aims to promote the involvement of MSME representatives in all stages of trade negotiations and policymaking processes.

The AMTC is planning to represent a flourishing community of 2 000 MSMEs across Asia during Y1, 5 000 MSMEs on Y2 and 10 000 on Y3. 


  • To serve as the bridge between MSME and government officials in the communication of opportunities and challenges faced in the area of trade in Asia;

  • To enable MSME to internationalise their goods and services with better trade policies;

  • To provide a collaborative environment for MSMEs to share and cultivate knowledge on trade-related topics and markets in Asia

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RCEP Meeting

RCEP Meeting


What will happen?

Advocacy and Research

The AMTC strives to be the representative of MSME and their issues in policy and legislative arenas. Advocacy that is well-grounded in facts and research ensures that it will be viewed favourably by stakeholders. Many companies also lack a critical understanding of the policies and initiatives that may benefit or threaten their industries. Through the AMTC, companies will remain updated about new changes and regulations.

Education and Training
Education and specific training about trade and the digital space will be provided to members through various means, such as the organisation of specific events such as workshops, seminars or webinars and e-learning. These programmes, such as the Digital Champions Workshop organised in May, will also have a special focus on positioning MSME to capitalise on the potential of the digital economy.

Publications and Resources
Members are kept up to date with monthly e-newsletters and press releases which feature developments in digital trade. Members receive access to registries and listings containing other businesses in the industry, presenting opportunities for collaborations and growth. Priority access is also granted to leading edge research materials and resources.

Speaking Opportunities and networking
Events organised by the AMTC gives its members access to an extensive pool of like-minded individuals and opportunities for networking and interacting. Speakers will provide insights on present and future trends in trade and the digital platform as well as in-depth understandings of regional markets. Members can speak at officials events, thereby strengthening their company’s visibility and presence in its field.